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Welcome to GotJournal™.com!

GotJournal™.com is a free, safe, secure, and private place! It is a healthy way of simply recording your daily life as you live it thru thoughts, observations, and feelings! Compare and learn from others who are just like you or perhaps different from you but their daily life may not be that different from yours. See for yourself and enrich your life! It’s priceless!

 Community Features

Start a Journal

You have a choice, to have a personal, seceret journal, or make it public for anyone to read.

Multi-User Journal

Have a sports team, group of friends, office personal, mulit user journals can be used to have more than one person make entries

Add Media

You can even add media to your entries, like music, pictures, or even video.

Your User Account

Have as many journals as you wish, personal or public, about anything you want, love, family, friends, hobbies...

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